Asian Catholic Initiative Purpose

The Asian Catholic Initiative (ACI) Office is newly established under the Department of Parish Life and Formation by Archbishop Blasé CupichIts purpose is to provide outreach and networking that is easily accessible to Asian Catholics.

As a link to the archdiocese, ACI provides facilitation of information between the archdiocese, and parishes or individuals. Upon invitation, on-site attendance at meetings or important events are welcome by the director or coordinator. An integral part of ACI is the Board of Advisers which will periodically meet with the Archbishop. Board membership is comprised of priests, religious and laity representing the various Asian communities. 

ACI maintains the website, whereby all Asian Catholic activities in the archdiocese may be included, highlighted, showcased, and shared. Board members, pastors and their designees are encouraged to send articles, photos, etc. via email (attachments) to ACI.

The office of ACI is decentralized and is located at St. Hilary Parish.


Aloysius M. Funtila

Pastor, St. Hilary Church



Lourdes G. Mon